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Dukebox Step-by-Step Buying Procedure

Hello. You may consider printing this page out if you are not sure about the buying process. It is a step-by-step of how someone wishing to buy an MP3 player would go about it.

We have teamed up with WorldPay to process our Debit and Credit Card transactions. WorldPay is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Alternatively, you can use an existing PayPal account; create a new one instantly, or send us a cheque.

1. Click the MP3 Players link at the top of the page. This will take you to a page which gives you the opportunity to select your region/country. This is because the players vary in specification (such as voltage and even name) depending on which area they are sold in and because at the moment Dukebox.com only sell players in the U.K. Click the appropriate flag.  

 2. Scroll down the page and click on the photo of the player you are interested in.

3. You should now be looking at the MP3 player's Detailed information page. This tells you everything you want to know about that particular player. If you want to buy this player, click on 'Add to cart' or 'Yes, I want to buy this Player'. This will add the player to your Dukebox Shopping Cart - that's the part of the site that displays the items you have expressed an interest in buying. Some Jukeboxes are sold through other retailers (3rd Parties). If our competitor's price is better than ours then our competitor's price is the one you see, and when you click on "Add to Cart" the goods are added to our competitors cart on their website. Please complete any 3rd party's buying process in accordance with their rules. See 'Third Parties' in our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.  

  4. Every time you add an item to your Dukebox shopping cart by clicking on 'Add to cart' or 'Yes, I want to buy this Player' the current contents of your cart, including what you have just added, are displayed. Note that for legal reasons the cart will display the ex-VAT price for the product and add the VAT on separately at the bottom of the page. The sum of these will be the amount advertised elsewhere on the site (i.e. the price). If you want to remove an item from the cart, click the dustbin icon next to it. If you want to change the quantity of an item, enter the new quantity in the quantity box next to the item and click the 'Update Quantities' button. You can either click the 'Continue Shopping' button to return to our range of players or 'Go to Payment' to pay for the goods.

5. Enter your personal details in the boxes provided. We need these details to:
  1. Know how to contact you if necessary
  2. Cross reference card holder's details
  3. Know where to send the goods
We respect your privacy. Click 'Continue'.

 6. You can now select how you would like to pay; By credit or debit card (we prefer debit card) via our payment processor WorldPay, via PayPal using your existing account or by opening a new account instantly using a credit or debit card, or by sending us a cheque. Select the appropriate option and click 'Go to payment page'. There may be a slight delay in reaching the payment page as the secure connection is set up. If you wish to pay by cheque, clicking 'Go to payment page' will take you to a page containing your order details that you can print and send to us along with your cheque to:

52-54, Leazes Park Rd.,
NE1 4PG.

Click 'Go to payment page'.

7.WorldPay Secure Payment If you chose to pay via PayPal you can either login and pay as usual or follow the procedure outlined to open a new account. If you chose to pay via credit/debit card you should now be at Dukebox's secure card payment page which uses WorldPay, a world leader in secure online transaction systems. Notice the padlock icon which has appeared in the bottom right corner of your browser that confirms that SSL Encryption is being used to protect your card number. Click on the type of card you wish to pay with and enter your card details on the following page and click 'Make Payment'.

Make sure that the BILLING ADDRESS is correct! 'Billing Address' has a very specific meaning in terms of payment processing. IF THE BILLING ADDRESS IS WRONG WE WILL NOT SHIP THE GOODS. You may enter any address you like for the delivery address


 8. If the transaction is verified by your card's bank you will see a thank you page. You can return to Dukebox by clicking the link in this page. Your transaction is now complete. You will receive an e-mail containing the details of your order which you should print out and keep for reference.

  That's the end of the order process; click here to find out what happens next.
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