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Sales Support

You have made an order - what are the next steps?

The next steps are all carried out here at Dukebox.

We take your order and cross check your payment details; order to stock; stock location; association (this MP3 player to this person); dispatch.

Your goods are dispatched with tracking facility incorporated, so you can physically track its last few moves home to you. We'll send you details of how to track it when we send you an E-mail entitled 'Dispatch' to let you know the goods are on their way. Click here to track your incoming player.

We aim to deliver your order within 14 days of confirmed payment, but please allow up to 30 days for delivery (click here if you live outside the UK mainland). Regardless of how long it takes, we should keep you informed of when you can expect delivery.

After delivery?

We hope you come back to DUKEBOX to download MP3s and other sound files. Over time we plan to extend the level of services we offer our customers.

What if I change my mind?

New European legislation provides additional rights to people who shop from home (click here for OFT site dedicated to UK online-shopper rights). Possibly the most significant new right is the right to cancel up to 7 working days after receipt of goods. This right does not apply in all cases. Some MP3 players fall into the category of sealed audio, video and software, so if the MP3 Player has been 'opened' the sale cannot always legally be cancelled. The details of the DSR are crazy and petty within the UK, so in the spirit of fairness and consistency we are offering all Jukebox buyers the right to cancel within 7 days under certain circumstances. See the conditions of sale for more information.

Cancellations, refunds and returns?

But what if there is a problem?

If the goods were faulty when they arrived it was probably because they were damaged in transit. (We do a basic check of each device before dispatch). Click here if you opened your package to find a faulty Jukebox.

If your Jukebox used to work fine and then subsequently went doo-lally, click here. This will take you to an online form that you can fill in. It contains all the details that you need to give us for making a return so that we can make a refund or replace the model. Once again the conditions of sale have more information on this subject.

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