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Privacy Policy

We will treat all information pertaining to our customers and users with the greatest respect and endeavour to store and deal with it appropriately at all times. (See below for more details).

Data Protection
Information regarding your order, including your mailing addresses, e-mail address and phone numbers, is logged in our databases for further reference by our employees who may assist you with your order. Dukebox.com has no access to your debit card information as it is processed by an independent 3rd party, WorldPay. We have taken the necessary measures to protect your debit card information, during and after the transaction, thanks to WorldPay's methods and practices.

Some sharing of personal data must take place in order for the processes to be completed. (i.e. the payment processor, WorldPay, will need to cross check your details in order to establish your identity and authorise the payment.)

In summary, our policy on your personal data is that it will be:

1.  Fairly and lawfully processed at all times.

2.  Processed for purposes relevant to your particular order, request, or similar.

3.  The data is adequate, relevant and not excessive (i.e. we will not enquire about your shoe size).

4.  Accurate.

5.  Although we will keep the information in order to deal with customers and users as individuals, we will not keep data for excessively long periods.

6.  All data is processed in accordance with the data subjects' rights/

7.  The information will be stored and handled with a high level of security.

The type of information we may hold includes:
Name; D.O.B.; e-mail address and other relevant information.
We also track usage of our site, but only on an aggregate basis: e.g. we can tell via our server logs how many people viewed our main page, or what search terms were most popular, but no associated personal information (e.g. the name of the person who performed the search) is available from the server logs and we do not let 3rd parties have any access to our logs.

Dukebox.com promises that it will not publicly disclose any personal or business information of either our site's customers or users unless under compulsion of law, such as a subpoena.

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