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Search for and Download MP3s

Having the software or hardware to play, mix and sample your own tunes is all well and good, but what's the use if you can't find the sound files that you want? Once you've converted your CDs to MP3s what next? Buy more CDs and convert them too? Yes, if you like. Or you can get MP3s from an online subscription service. You can even get some legal MP3s for free.

Search for and download MP3s

There have been plenty of "free mp3" sites online over the years, but one of the problems is that the likes of Napster etc. are doomed to closure from the start. They are missing one of the key elements necessary for an MP3 music site to survive: the music-swap services they hosted were essentially illegal (regardless of what you think of the record companies).

We have found this site (linked to the left of this paragraph) to be an excellent source of LEGAL MP3s. There is a surprisingly diverse range of music available. Everything, including some rare live/ B-sides from some of your favourite artists. Go ahead, have a look - use the search box on the left. The catalogue covers every conceivable genre from Rock/Pop to Jazz , Country , Punk and even Classical MP3s . They allow you to try their site FREE for 2 weeks and download 50 tracks that you can keep, even if you decide not to continue your subscription. (We have tested this many times and no charge was ever made against any of the cards used when the cancellation was made within the 2 week period.)

Just think how much easier that would be than trying to find music files on dodgy personal sites that fill your screen with lots of annoying pop-up windows advertising porn, or using a search engine and encountering endless dead links and the like.

EMusic are one of the World's largest distributors of MP3s and their catalogue is continuously growing - now more than 250,000 Tracks. All you have to do to get your 50 free MP3s is:

1. Click HERE to go to the EMusic site.
2. Open an Account.
3. Select 50 MP3s (your own choice - whole albums, individual tracks, whatever you like). Mix and Match as you please.
4. If you want to keep using the service, do nothing and you will enjoy continued access to more than 250,000 MP3s in the "EMusic Unlimited" subscription service.

If you don't want to continue the service (i.e. if you don't want to start paying) go to "My Account" page on EMusic.com and click on "Cancel Subscription" before the 14 day trial expires.

How can EMusic afford to give away 50 MP3s to all comers? The answer is simple: enough people find that it's worth their while to stay a member of the service. This offer has been running for years.

The 50 MP3s are yours to keep forever for FREE! Click HERE

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