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There are some things, both in terms of knowledge and equipment, that you'll need in order to get the best out of your Jukebox.

You'll need a basic level of computer operating ability. Nothing fancy, just the ability to use software; move or copy files, that sort of thing, so that you can add and delete tunes from your Jukebox. The fact that you're (most likely) reading this online indicates that you probably have at least this level of skill.

Access to a computer (you don't need to own one, just have access to one every now and again). You use the computer to update the music your MP3 Player holds - either adding new tunes or removing older ones.

Access to the internet. This will allow you to find MP3s*. You can search using an mp3 search engine, like the one here, or you can find MP3s from subscription services like EMusic (more information about that here).

MP3 software. Your favourite music will be on albums, CDs, tapes etc. that you already own. (Incidentally, you own the right to copy those albums for your own personal use - unless you live in Denmark. Click here for more). How do you get the music from its original format to an MP3? By putting the music though conversion software that first reads the music and then 'summarises' the complex music out as an MP3 file.

Software allows you to do a lot with your MP3s, from simply playing the MP3 on your computer to actually making the MP3s; editing and even mixing MP3s together.

You can find MP3 software here.

*In the interests of fairness to the artist that made the music that you so love, please use this force for good and actually pay for your MP3s from legitimate sites. You can find free MP3s that are legal: please check on the site that you find the music files on - in general, if it doesn't say whether or not the artists get paid, they don't.

We have no way of knowing or controlling what results your search will produce, or what you choose to do with those results. Not all results will be active (i.e. they will be dead links where the file was there at one point, but has since been moved or deleted) and we cannot vouch for the legality of all the audio files found.

Please read our terms and conditions of use of this site for further information.

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