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How to buy an MP3 Player

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More general information about Dukebox.com and MP3s can be found on our FAQ page. A more detailed break down of the buying process can be seen at step-by-step.

At Dukebox.com we want to make the process of buying an MP3 player as simple as possible. We also want to make sure you get the best deal. In order to achieve this we either sell the players to you ourselves or use one of our partners.


In some areas of the world we have made arrangements with retailers who we believe offer you the best deal in your region - e.g. for the USA we list retailers that sell the items we do. When you select a player that is available in the USA from our site and click on "I'm a US customer.." you will be automatically taken to the page on our partner's site that contains that player's details and information on how to buy it. This way you get the best price for the player you want from a retailer in your own region (thus avoiding international shipping charges and currency hassles as well as voltage incompatibilities). Simply follow the instructions on our partner's site to buy the player.

Alternatively, sometimes other retail sites within the UK may offer a better deal than we can. Hard to believe, we know, but it's true :-) Sometimes it's just not possible to compete directly with other retailer's prices, so if we have permission we will list their price instead of ours if their price is better and we cannot match it. When you click one of the "buy" buttons on such pages your purchase is not added to a Dukebox.com shopping cart, it is added to the 3rd party's shopping cart. If this happens you will see that you're on a different site - it will be quite obvious.

Delivery and VAT (sales tax)

The price you see is the price you pay - we don't believe in trying to hide essential costs from you such as sales tax (VAT) and delivery - these are included in the price you see. Remember this if you compare prices elsewhere. We will deliver your jukebox to your door.

Dukebox.com's Shopping Cart?

In some regions (currently only the U.K.) we sell and deliver MP3 players ourselves directly. In this case when you select a player that is available in your region you will be taken to its specification page. If you decide to buy a player, click the 'add-to-cart' Add to Cart or 'I want to buy this model' I want to buy this model icon that is displayed next to the player's name or underneath its photo. Doing this will add the player to your Dukebox.com shopping cart (or 3rd party cart. See above). DON'T PANIC! You haven't committed yourself to anything yet - you can change your order anytime before checking out. You will notice that the price displayed in the cart is the ex-VAT price with VAT being added separately at the bottom. After adding a player to the cart you can either checkout and pay for your items or continue browsing Dukebox.com for accessories or alternate players by clicking the continue shopping button. You can see what you have in your Dukebox.com cart from any page on Dukebox.com by pressing the 'view cart' View Cart icon at the top of the page. The entire buying process is documented in greater detail under step-by-step

Payment and Security

When you are ready to pay for your Dukebox.com choices, simply click the 'view cart' View Cart icon (if you are not viewing it already) and click the 'Go to Payment' button. You will be asked for the usual personal details before being taken to the secure area where you input your debit card details.

Delta card Mastercard Switch card Visa card JCB card Solo Card

Note: We prefer you to pay using the following means, in order of preference, if possible:

  1. Debit Card (Switch/Delta)
  2. PayPal
  3. Credit Card
  4. Cheque - we have to wait until the cheque is received, lodged and then cleared before we will start the sales process.
WorldPay Secure Payment

A leading specialist in online transactions, WorldPay, provides our secure debit/ credit card payments processing. WorldPay uses the Secure Socket Layer and encryption to provide maximum security. You will notice a padlock symbol appear in the bottom right corner of your browser to confirm that this will be a secure transaction. After the transaction has been completed you will receive an e-mail to confirm the order.

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