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About Dukebox.com

This is where you can find out a little about dukebox.com past present and future.

Dukebox? Shouldn't it be Jukebox?

It is true to say that jukebox is the more commonly used and accepted version of how dukebox is spelled. That does not mean to say that it is the only choice.

The origins of the word jukebox come from the American south where people would 'juke and jive' (dance) to music. There were several possible spellings for these new words, including 'dook' and 'duke'. So far as we can tell the word dukebox is less than 100 years old.

What is dukebox.com about?

When we first bought the domain name dukebox it was with an eye to getting music out to the masses - like a dukebox that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Strangely, things online have not panned out exactly as we hoped, so we scaled down our plans rather than trying to spend our way out of trouble. All the music-broadcast options that we have evaluated were too expensive (and overly complicated), both for us and the consumer. They still are at the moment, but we expect to be able to offer music services, as well as personal jukebox players, within 2 years.


We aim to deliver your Jukebox to you within 14 days, but please allow up to 30 days for delivery. It may take even longer - check to see if you are in an area with a risk of it taking a long time. Click here if you have received confirmation of dispatch and you want to track where your Jukebox is on its route to you.

We are trying to offer the best price we can afford along with a good level of service.

There are a lot of different MP3 Players and Jukeboxes not available through this site. The basic reason for this is one of value: we do not believe that a Hard Drive player with 5GB of storage space and the same basic features (for example) is worth more than twice the amount we charge for our cheapest 20GB player.

What about the future of Dukebox?

We do not have the critical mass yet to enter the American or other markets. Our goal is to achieve organic growth (slow and steady) until we have enough buying power to expand into other world wide regions.

In the mean time, buy yourself a Jukebox, or search the web for tunes or stuff.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of use of this site and other legal fun.

E-mail is the quickest way to contact us but if you prefer you can ring us using the following number or write to us at:

52-54, Leazes Park Rd.,
NE1 4PG.


Tel: 07050 659687 (Rate K: 12.5, 25, 37.5 incl VAT (weekends, night, day) pence per minute before discount.
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