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Archos AV500


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Dukebox.com- We specialise in portable personal jukeboxes. Play or Record MP3s, WMAs, or Video.

Carry ALL your favourite music in your pocket! The slickest modern contraption since the mobile phone can hold hundreds of hours of portable music - get one and never be without your music (or have to change a CD) again.

Some special Jukeboxes can hold, record and play Video too. Your own personal video player (PVP) or personal video recorder (PVR) in your pocket, plus your music, plus FM radio. All this is available in one magical creature.

Our reviews are 'warts and all'. We also believe in stating the full cost, including VAT and delivery - up front - so you know from the start how much you will have to pay. Remember that if you compare Dukebox.com prices to someone else's.

We have details of accessories, MP3 players and the software needed to get the most from them. You are more than welcome to have a look around our site and if you find an MP3 player / PVR or whatever suits your needs, you can order it either from us or our online partners depending on where in the world you live. Currently we will only sell MP3 Players or Jukebox to UK customers.

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Our Currently Available Players
Player Model Price
Archos Jukebox FM Recorder 20 £99.99
Archos Jukebox Multimedia Base Unit £99.99
Archos Jukebox Studio 20 £99.99
Creative Jukebox 2 10GB £99.99
Creative NOMAD Jukebox 3 20GB £99.99
Creative MuVo £57.99
Apple iPod £99.99
Archos ONDIO £99.99
Creative Jukebox Zen £99.99
Archos Jukebox 6000 Recorder £99.99
Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 £99.99
Archos Jukebox Studio 10 £99.99
Archos Jukebox Recorder 10 £99.99
Creative D.A.P. JukeBox 10 £99.99
Archos AV320 Base Unit £99.99
eDigital 512 MXP £99.99
Archos Gmini 120 £99.99
Creative Zen NX £99.99
Creative MuVo NX £99.99
Pikaone Groovecase £99.99
Pikaone Le stick £87.99
Archos AV380 Base Unit £99.99
Creative MuVo Squared 1.5 GB £99.99
Creative Muvo Squared 4GB £99.99
iRiver iHP-140 (H140) £99.99
Rio Nitrus £99.99
Archos Gmini 220 £99.99
Creative Zen Xtra 30GB £99.99
GoDot Jukebox MP3 20GB Player £99.99
Digilux Superdrive 4 in 1 £98.00
Archos AV120 + DVR £99.99
Archos AV340 Base Unit £99.99
GoDot Jukebox MP3 30GB Player £99.99
Apple iPod 20GB (m9282ll/a) 4th Generation £99.99
Apple iPod 40GB (m9268ll/a) 4th Generation £99.99
Creative Zen Touch 20GB £99.99
Archos Gmini400 £99.99
Archos AV420 £99.99
iRiver H340 £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB (Silver) £99.99
Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (Pink) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB (Black) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (White) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (Dark Blue) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (Red) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (Light Blue) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5 GB SE (Orange) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (Purple) £99.99
Creative Zen Micro 5GB SE (Green) £99.99
Beyond epod £99.99
VOSONIC MMV VP6300 £99.99
Apple iPod Shuffle 512MB £43.00
Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB £99.99
iRiver iHP-120 (H120) £99.99
iriver H10 (Red) £99.99
Archos Gmini XS200 £99.99
Rio Karma £99.99
Apple Green iPod Mini Green 4GB £99.99
Sony Network Walkman NW-HD5 (Red) £99.99
Apple iPod Mini (Gold - M9437LL/A) £99.99
Sony Network Walkman NW-HD5 (Black) £99.99
Apple Silver iPod Mini Silver - 4GB £99.99
Sony Network Walkman NW-HD5 (silver) £99.99
Apple iPod Mini Blue - 4GB £99.99
Apple iPod Photo 60GB £99.99
Apple Pink iPod Mini Pink 4GB £99.99
Apple iPod Photo 30GB £99.99
Archos AV480 £99.99
iRiver H320 £99.99
Archos Gmini XS 100 (Volcanic Black) £99.99
Archos Gmini XS 100 (Funky Pink) £99.99
iriver H10 (Grey) £99.99
iriver H10 (Silver) £99.99
Creative Zen Touch 40GB £99.99
iriver H10 (Blue) £99.99
Apple Silver iPod mini Silver 6GB £99.99
Archos Gmini XS 100 (Techno Blue) £79.99
Apple Pink iPod mini 6GB - Pink £99.99
Archos Gmini XS 100 (Ice Grey) £99.99
Apple Green iPod mini 6GB - Green £99.99
Creative Black Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative White Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Pink Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Silver Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Purple Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Orange Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Green Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Red Zen Micro 6GB £99.99
Creative Zen Micro Light Blue 6GB £99.99
Creative Zen Micro Dark Blue 6GB £99.99
Apple white iPod nano 2GB £99.99
Apple Black iPod nano 4GB £99.99
Apple Black iPod nano 2GB £99.99
Creative Black Zen Nano Plus 512MB £29.97
Archos Gmini 402 20GB Multimedia Player £99.99
Apple Black iPod Video 30GB £99.99
Apple Black iPod Video 60GB £99.99
Apple White iPod Video 30GB £99.99
Apple White iPod Video 60GB £99.99
Archos Gmini XS202 20GB MP3 player £99.99
Creative Black Zen 20GB MP3 player £99.99
Creative Zen Sleek 20GB MP3 player £99.99
Sony Playstation Portable PSP £99.99
Creative White Zen MicroPhoto 8GB £99.99
SANYO HDP MM3000 6GB £99.99
Sony Walkman Silver NWA3000S 20GB £99.99
iRiver H10 6GB Colour - Midnight Blue £99.99
iRiver H10 6GB Colour - Neo Silver £99.99
iRiver Slate Grey H10 6GB Colour £99.99
Sony Walkman Black NWA3000B 20GB £99.99
Sony Walkman Blue/Violet NWA1000V 6GB £99.99
iRiver Deep Red H10 6GB Colour £99.99
Sony Walkman Silver NWA1000S 6GB £99.99
Sony Walkman Pink NWA1000P 6GB £99.99
Sony Walkman Violet NWA3000V 20GB £99.99
Sony Walkman 6GB Black NWA1000B £99.99
Archos Mobile Digital Video Recorder AV 700 £99.99
Philips HDD1620 6GB Player £99.99
Archos AV140 + DVR £99.99
Creative Zen Xtra 60 GB £99.99
ATMT LITE 256MB Player - Baby Pink £5.00
ATMT LITE 256MB MP3 Player - Red £5.00
ATMT LITE 256MB Player £5.00
Creative Green ZEN Vision:M 30GB £99.99
Archos AV440 £99.99
Archos Pocket Media Assistant PMA400 £99.99
ATMT Black LITE 256MB Player £5.00
Archos AV500 30GB Pocket Video Recorder £99.99
ATMT LITE 256MB Player - Blue £5.00
Creative Light Blue ZEN Vision:M 30GB £99.99
Creative Black Zen Vision:M 30GB £99.99
Creative White ZEN Vision:M 30GB £99.99
iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player, Neo Silver £99.99
i-river iriver H10 20GB MP3 Player, Slate Grey £99.99
Archos Gmini XS202S 20GB MP3 Player £99.99
Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20GB £99.99
i-river H10 20GB MP3 Player, Midnight Blue £99.99
Creative Grey Zen MicroPhoto 8GB £99.99
Creative Blue Zen MicroPhoto 8GB £99.99
Creative Black Zen MicroPhoto 8GB £99.99
Creative Black Zen Nano Plus 1GB £37.41
Creative White Zen Nano Plus 1GB £69.00
Samsung Black YP-U1Q MP3 Player 2GB £99.99
ATMT White Portable Hard Drive £44.99
Sony Silver NWE507 Walkman with FM Tuner £99.99
Samsung YH-J70SB 20GB MP4 £99.99
Philips HDD6320 30GB DAP £99.99
Archos Gmini 500 40GB MP3/4 Player £99.99
Creative Zen Vision 30GB - Black £99.99
Apple Silver iPod nano 2GB £99.99
Apple Silver iPod nano 4GB £69.87
Apple Pink iPod nano 4GB £99.99
Apple Blue iPod nano 4GB £99.99
Apple Green iPod nano 4GB £99.99
Apple iPod nano 8GB Black £99.00
Apple iPod 80GB Video Black £99.99
Apple iPod Video White 80GB £99.99
Creative Creative Zen V - 2GB MP3 Player with Colour Screen - Black/Green £75.28
Apple iPod shuffle 1GB £32.00
Microsoft Zune Portable Media Player zune £99.99
Archos Gmini 402 20GB camcorder £99.99
Sony Walkman NW A1200 8GB Black £99.99
Sony WALKMAN NWA1200 8GB Pink £99.99
Sony WALKMAN NWA1200 8GB Purple £99.99
Sony WALKMAN NW A1200 8GB Silver £99.99
Apple Computer New Apple iPod shuffle - 1GB Pink £45.20
Apple Black iPod nano 8GB £99.99
Apple Blue iPod nano 8GB £99.99
Apple Silver iPod nano 4GB £89.90
Apple Silver iPod nano 8GB £99.99
Apple Green iPod nano 8GB £99.99
Apple Black iPod classic 80GB £99.99
Apple Silver iPod classic 80GB £99.99
Apple Silver iPod classic 160GB £99.99
Apple Black iPod classic 160GB £99.99
Apple iPod iTouch 8GB £99.99
Apple iPod touch 16GB £99.99
Sony NWZA818W 8GB video walkman £92.00
Sony NWZA818P 8GB video walkman £99.99
Sony NWZA818 8GB Video Walkman Black £89.99
Sony NWZA816P 4GB video walkman £69.99
Sony NWZA816W 4GB video walkman £85.68
Sony NWZA816B 4GB video walkman £69.99
Our Currently Available MP3 Player Accessories
Accessory Price
Archos Archos Accessory Kit £28.45
Archos Archos Stereo Microphone £26.00
Archos Multi Standard Adapter £29.70
Archos Kit USB2 £39.73
Archos Jukebox Multimedia Camera Module £70.24
Creative TravelSound Speakers (travel sound 200) £47.49
Koss Koss Sport Pro Headphones £34.95
Koss KossPortaPro Headphones £39.75
Koss Koss KTX Headphones £24.85
Archos Digital Video Recorder (DVR100) Module £54.99
Archos Digital Video Recorder (DVR020) Module £32.50
Archos JBM CompactFlash (Type I and II) Card Reader Module £35.00
Archos JBM SmartMedia Card Reader Module £35.00
Archos JBM MultimediaCard and Memory Stick Card Reader Module £35.75
Archos AV Cam 300 £99.99
Archos JB020 and AV100 series FM Radio & Remote Control £47.57
Archos FM Radio & Remote Control AV300 £47.57
Archos Gmini FM Radio & Remote Control £41.21
Archos JB 5V Cigar Lighter Adaptor £29.45
Archos 4 in 1 card reader module £29.99
Archos Multi Standard Adapter £45.00
Creative TravelSound Speakers (with Adapter) £59.98
Creative TravelSound Speakers i300 £64.98
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